Are you sure you wanna read this? Are you sure you are ready? You can just exit out and delete it now. This …. well, It just might change your life.


What you think in private, shows up in public. 


What you think about matters!! You can’t be Positive Paula on the outside and Negative Nancy on the inside. You cannot be Doubting Debbie on the inside, and Daring Donna on the outside. It just doesn’t work that way. The very things you think about are what you are inching closer toward, regardless of your actions. The inner you will eat the outer you for breakfast, rob you of your dreams, and most definitely steal your sunshine.


Our thoughts are things, and are made of energy. Energy that moves across synapses of the brain…with crazy like accuracy, zero lag, and powerful potential. Your thoughts can spark an immediate level of excitement that will move you to do something and drive you in the direction of your dreams. Or your thoughts can marinate and decay your mind, infect your emotions and behavior and seep into your life.


So what do you do? You make a SHIFT, a solid shift in the way you think, and how you think. Here are a few shifts:


🔆 FOCUS. Your brain doesn’t discriminate between negative and positive thoughts it takes them both and manifests at an equal rate. So choose wisely. Focus on the things you really want, not the things you don’t.


🔆 GRATITUDE. Those who practice true gratitude do not have room for negative thoughts, because they are in a constant state of seeking the good in all situations. Gratitude immediately elevates your energy, actions and results. Gratitude gives life.


🔆 REMOVE: There is no way you can achieve success in anything with bad habits. Bad habits are often the result of poor thinking. When you feel bad you do bad. Remove the habits that are hijacking your success.


🔆 SERVE: If you make your life about adding value to others, then you are sowing the seeds of abundance. Good things always come to those who give.




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