#1 Repellant You Need

Last week we talked about doubt, and I felt it was imperative to jump here and just add a couple of things on the topic. Remember how I talked about being quick to shift your mind and thoughts from doubt to belief? Well hopefully you have had the opportunity to put that into action and have already been able to see the benefits of that simple action. 


But, here is the truth. Just because we make that shift doesn’t mean that doubt isn’t going to find its way back in your heart and mind. Doubt is like that one gray hair– the one you pull but it always reappears? It’s like that nasty weed in the garden. Even though you yanked it, and treated the area– it always finds its way back amongst the blooming flowers. Doubt is a lot like that– it will always find a way to creep back up. Doubt will always surface, how long it stays there and impedes your progress is up to you. 


Do my advice, don’t let doubt linger, and don’t be naive enough to think that once it’s gone it’s gone– doubt never gets weaker, you just get stronger over time. Soon it will be like that annoying little fly that lands on the kitchen counter in the summertime. Instead of marveling at it, and whining about how gross it is, and how bad the fly problem is, and how much you hate flies, you just reach for the swatter without a second thought and handle it. Make your response just like that. Grab the doubt swatter, and crush it right there in the moment. Never forget that when you minimize and rid doubt, you automatically increase belief and the power it has over your life. 




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