Be the energy you want to attract.

 When it comes to the things we want in life, it really boils down to one simple principle, If you want better, be better. The law of attraction is real. Think about it, you don’t lean in to smell the things that stink, you don’t give the house with the terrible yard a second glance, and you certainly wouldn’t waste your time with people or situations that don’t align with who you are!


Therefore, we must always remember just like a magnet we have the ability to attract and repel things. Our thoughts, energy, mindset, words, actions, beliefs all contain this power. If you know that these things have the ability to attract things into your life, wouldn’t you want to be a little more conscientious of the things you say, think, do? Of Course! 


You see our brains are hardwired to see and look for whatever we tell it to. Let me share a super fun example with you that has turned into quite an annoying game for my kids.


So I am on the cusp of having 4 drivers!! You heard me FOUR!!! My oldest turns 16 this summer and the others are just a literal blink away. Naturally there have been lots of conversations about how to go about getting a driver’s license, more questions about the rules of the road, and of course what kinds of cars they want to drive. So in a recent conversation, I was telling the boys that I would love to get them Toyota Tacoma trucks— (and by get them-, I don’t mean brand new, I mean something older than them, that works well enough to get around, but not well enough to go out of town– this mama heart ain’t ready for all of that).So after this discussion and pointing out a few so they could see what they look like, and now that their little hearts are set on this idea. TACOMAS are ALL WE SEE!!! It has literally gotten to the point that when we are driving around–which we do a lot– with 4 kids in different sports/activities–and when they see one they shout “TACOMA” we must see at least 50 each and every day. The girls have even jumped in on this. I have come to learn that our town is inundated with Tacoma’s! But is it? Or is it merely the fact that our brain wants us to see more of what we are looking for? Isn’t it crazy how that works. 


So now apply this to how your life works. You will see and get MORE of what you are looking for. If you are looking for good people, good things, and the good in all the situations then you will definitely see and get more good. If you look for the negative, the bad in others, etc… well then that is exactly what you are going to see more of, and ultimately get more of. Black clouds only hover over those who look for rain, and the sun shines perpetually on those who look for light. You will welcome into your life exactly what you are looking for. 


Knowing this there should be an immediate desire to pay close attention to what you think, believe, say and do, asking yourself up front what is it that I want to see, to attract, to receive…because ultimately you get to decide what that is.


If you want better people in your life, become a better person.

If you want more joy, be the joy. 

If you want more connection, connect with more people. 

If you want better leaders on your team, become a better leader.


You don’t attract what you want, you attract WHO you are.


Be what you want to attract. 


With Love, 


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