Brewing Success Podcast Leadership Journal - Andrea Gebhardt

ABCs of Leadership Mentoring Journal

First of its kind, interactive MENTORING JOURNAL!

This is a great resource for developing leaders, entrepreneurs, and can even be used as a team training tool! It contains access to 26 lessons on leadership complete with reflection and application sections that help you cross these lessons over into your life and leadership journey!

The new essential tool for Network Marketing / Social Marketing, from the brilliant mind of our generation's top leadership expert.

Whether you're just getting started or you're an experienced veteran: this book was made for you.

  • Lay a solid FOUNDATION with your team
  • ...and help your BEGINNERS start strong & stay on track
  • Use it with PROSPECTS to help them join your Team
  • Leverage this as a TOOL to duplicate & replicate, faster
  • ...and accelerate TEAM GROWTH with sales that increase your income!
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