Bye Bye Belief Troll!

Have you ever experienced doubt? You know, that ugly little feeling that suddenly pops up right before you take the leap, get into action, or right when you are finally on the cusp of something great? 


Progress hack #127 coming in hot! 


The fastest way to decrease doubt is to increase your belief. 


When you increase belief in yourself, you decrease the level of doubt you experience.


When you decrease your doubt in others, you increase your belief in them.


When you believe more, you doubt less. It’s that simple. Just imagine the possibilities of what could happen in your life and the lives of those you speak into if you just lowered your doubt and increased your belief.


So the next time doubt creeps in, just know that it’s showing its ugly little head because you are about to do something big, so if you want to defeat it, then you gotta believe in something bigger! Focus on your vision, take massive action, and watch doubt retreat like goldfish in the backseat of a car. 


You’ve got this! 


Better Together,


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