Decision Time

I want you to stop for just a moment, close your eyes and think about the most incredible moment of your life. Now as you read that I am sure you are probably thinking that you cannot possibly identify just one, but I want you to trust me on this. Close your eyes and sift through all the memories that begin to flood your mind. Continue to sort until you get to the memory that you begin to feel, the one that brings you warmth and joy. Sit there, and watch it unfold. See it all take place again. Visually relive it. Now that you have read this– take a moment to actually do it.


What was the memory? What made it the best? Now, more importantly, what did you feel? What energy does that memory contain? Could you describe it in 3-5 words? What are they? You see, that is the energy that makes life special. That is the energy that brings YOUR life to life and brings life to those around you.


Why does this matter? Because your life will be the sum of the energy you give it. This means we have a choice– and we can directly impact the energy our lives carry and have. When you think about the sum of your life, how do you want it represented and remembered?


How do you know what kind of energy you are already giving life? Just simply reflect on these questions:

  • Are you naturally negative?
  • Do you focus on the obstacle?
  • Do you dwell on the hardships?
  • Do you see yourself as a victim?
  • Do you see the things that take place as things that happen to you or FOR you?


If this is your energy, then this will be the sum of your life. Hardship. Challenges. Victim mentality. Obstacles. The constant feeling of struggle. The constant inability to see the light at the end of the tunnel not because it doesn’t exist, but because you refuse to be it– the light.


If you do not want the sum of your life to be these things then we need to change the energy you are giving to it.


We need to become solution oriented. We need to be the HERO of our own story. We need to see the good even in the hard and choose gratitude. We need to operate from a place of appreciation and service. We need to look to bring the energy, the light, and the love to all we do and all whom we encounter.


If this is your energy, then this will be the sum of your life. Happiness. Joy. Fulfillment. Impact. Love.


Take a look at both of those BOLD lines above and decide which one you want your life to be made up of, then start making the necessary changes to make it happen.




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