Decisions, Decisions.

The only difference between success and failure is what you decide to do. 


One of the things that will remain constant in life is the fact that our life is made up of the decisions we make, and the decisions we fail to make. Success doesn’t favor the fortunate, success favors those who make decisions based on where they are going, and desire to go, not based on how they feel in the moment. When you think about it life is a lot like those books we read when we were kids, you know the ones where you would get to the end of the page, and have to pick which way you were gonna go, and then that one choice would lead to other decisions or sudden death. Well life works that way, some of our choices lead to additional opportunities and growth and others– well sudden death. Sudden death of your goals, dreams, progress, and aspirations.


Every decision you make plays a bigger role than you think. Even the smallest decisions can have the biggest impact. When you find yourself in a situation where a decision has to be made simply ask yourself– Does this contribute to the goal or will it derail it? The answer will help you make the decision that will keep you on track to whatever it is you are chasing.


Make decisions based on the goal or direction you are going. 

Make decisions based on what is best for you, not others. 

Make decisions that will make you proud, not result in regret. 

Make decisions that move you in the right direction. 


Choose Wisely, 


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