Did you just say the F word?

Let’s get something cleared up right away! There is this misconception out that there that we only get one shot, and  that failure is final, but I am here to clear that up today. 


Know this…Failure isn’t FATAL ☠️ its FERTILE 🌱


3 Things to Ask Yourself when Failure presents itself:


  1. What did I learn from this?


  1. How can this help me improve?


  1. Who can I teach my mistake to so that they are able to get where they are going faster!


Failure isn’t final, it’s forging a better version.


If Steve Jobs hadn’t failed we wouldn’t have the iphone, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you look hard enough on a past failure of your own, you wouldn’t be where you are without it. 


Failing Forward, 


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