Do you have these?

When it comes to having people in your corner TWO things matter! 


One is Quality over Quantity. Have you noticed that as you have gotten older the size of your circle is smaller? The quality of our friendships outweighs the number of friends we have, and it should!! We don’t need a lot of friends, we need the RIGHT one’s and there is a BIG difference. 


The other the TYPE of people you want in your circle! They say that your potential is determined by the people you spend time with, and that you are the SUM of the people that are in your circle. 


So what do you need to look for, and how do you make sure that you have the right people in your life? You can use this to help you identify WHO you need and WHY it matters! 

These are the 4 Kinds of People You Need in Your Life: 


  • A friend who will be there no matter what!  You know the middle of the night flat tire friend, the one who never judges, always listens, is there to build you up when you are soaring and pick you back up when you fall. 


  • A mentor to inspire you and teach you! You may already know who this person is, or you may have one in the form of an author, thought leader, an expert in an area you are looking to grow in. Either way find this person and take heed of their experience and lessons and apply them often. When the student is ready, the teacher appears. 


  • A hype friend to get you all jacked! Most people look at me weird when I say this, but we all need a HYPE squad, or person. You know that individual who is all for your ideas, your biggest fan, the biggest cheerleader in your life, who will be the hurricane like winds beneath your excited little wings. Why does this matter? Because we all need that person who believes in us, more than we do. 


  • A coach to push you, and require nothing but the best from you! This is most often the one that most people are lacking, and they wonder why they aren’t making progress. We all need a coach- someone to provide direction and insight, and drive results. If we want to become excellent in anything we do, coaching is required. (I offer this btw, and if this is something you are looking for let’s chat). How do you identify a coach in your world? Look for the person who is where you wanna be, and ask them to coach you to help you get there! 


So now what? Take inventory of your circle. Check the quality of the people you are spending time with, and check the type. Do you have these 4 people in your life? If you do, GREAT! If you don’t, let’s identify them and get growing!! 


All the Best, 


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