Do you say the “B” word?

You may know what B word I am talking about, or maybe you don’t. 


I am talking about the word “Busy”. How many times have we all responded with the phrase “busy” when someone asks us how we are? Probably most of us. We say it because we have a lot going on, we are juggling many things at once, and wearing all the hats. 


Your level of busy-ness doesn’t equate to, or contribute to success. In fact, it does the complete opposite. If you are “busy” you lack priority management, planning skills, say YES way too much, and are not focused on what really matters. We need to stop glorifying busy-ness. It is not a badge of honor, nor a status symbol.


Being busy makes you less productive, often because you are spending time on the things that don’t matter, multitasking (which research has proven actually decreases productivity), and in all actuality just hiding from your own laziness and fear of failure. 


Don’t believe me? Think about yourself on those “busy” days. Think about how much progress you don’t make on the things that matter, because you are spending time on less important tasks.


You are not too busy to do the things that matter, they just do not matter enough to you. You make time for the things that matter. If you say you are too busy for it, it’s really just not a priority. You gotta figure that out for yourself. 


Being busy doesn’t make you better, it distracts you. It takes you off course, and it keeps you further from where you really wanna be.


Don’t be busy, be better. 


With Love, 


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