Does this hold you back too?

Okay so like do you ever feel like you aren’t worthy or enough or capable or deserving? I feel like these thoughts either come in waves or we continuously tread in them. Either way, I know that we often question our purpose. We wonder why we are here and what we are here for. Am I right? We think things like “who am I” to do something great, to make an impact, to add value, to show up big in the world, to tell my story, to share my message, to lean into my passion, and I am here to tell you that the imperfect you has a perfect purpose. Who are you NOT to do those things?


For whatever reason we look at the ways we don’t have it all together and think that this somehow disqualifies us. BUT, and that is a BIG BUT, that is the furthest thing from the truth. 


What if I told you that your mess, is the message someone else needs to hear? 


What if I told you that your story is meant to inspire someone else? 


What if I told you that you were given that specific dream because you are the only one capable of bringing it to life? 


What if I told you that your unique perspectives and insight will provide clarity and understanding for others? 


What if I told you that the world is waiting for you to lean into your purpose? 


YES, the imperfect you has a perfect purpose, and it is only something YOU can fulfill. Please don’t keep the gift that you are and will be from the world, it needs what you have to offer. 


Live Inspired, 



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