Got a Tissue?

 Today might be a bit of an emotional topic.


I recently attended a beautiful funeral for a friend. A kind, loving, loud soul gone too soon. As I sat there listening to all of the wonderful things friends and family were saying it made me think about how our life and relationships are condensed into 3-5 minute speeches. That is it. It made me think about what people would say about me. Then I looked to my left at my friend I was sitting next to. A friend who is probably 25 years my senior, and I thought about what I would say about her at her funeral. (I know this totally sounds morbid, but hang with me for a second).


I thought about how I would say that she was the kind of woman I am grateful to have had as a positive role model in my life. How her hard work and dedication to a community inspired me. How her matriarchal role in her family was grounding. How her fighting for (and eventually securing) a male dominated seat in a male dominated industry was pretty badass. Then I concluded my mini speech in my mind with “she was the woman I needed as a young girl, the one who helped shape who I am today”. 


The profound nature of this concluding statement made me instantly well up with tears. I was overcome with emotion over her role in my life, this moment seemed very real in my mind. I was relieved almost immediately when I looked over and there she was– very much alive. “I’ve got to take this woman to lunch and tell her how important she is to me, before I do not have the chance to”. I have got to thank her for being the woman I needed as a girl. 


Then that got me thinking about my girls, and what they need. My mind went into a rabbit trail of thoughts wondering if I was showing up for them in the ways they needed. I wasn’t quite sure if I could answer that, because THAT girl, the 11 year old version of myself is very different from who I am today. So I started thinking, and I want to get you thinking. Go back to yourself in your early adolescence and even on into early adulthood. What were the things you needed at each of those ages and stages of development. Add to that who you are now and what you wished you would have had.


 Think for a quick second about the kind of woman you needed as a girl, and also the kind of woman you wish you would have had (knowing all that you know now). Make a list of her characteristics and qualities.


Got your list? Perfect. The next step is super simple. 


Be that.


Model that.


Show up different for the girls who need the woman that you are! 🔥🔥🙌🏼


Share this email with a lady friend who needs to read it! 


All the love, 


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