Have you had the “TALK” yet? 🐦/🐝

Happy Sunday Friend! 


Just a little curious over here if you have had the talk yet? 


You know, the talk with your self. The conversation with yourself  about how its normal for struggles to frequently occur when you are chasing your dreams, pursuing your passions, and or just creeping outside your comfort zone.


Struggles happen. TO EVERYONE. The universes isn’t singling you out, but it IS testing your faith, fire, endurance and resilience. It’s making sure you are equipped to overcome, adapt, grow, and learn, and continue to move forward. It’s preparing you for all of the greatness that awaits you. 


I am going to challenge you here. What if we looked at struggle with a little bit of excitement? What if we embraced it for the lessons and the level up it was going to bring? We wouldn’t only be excited about its arrival but determined to work through it for the reward of progress on the other side.


Always remember that struggle is the secret ingredient of success, it adds to the flavor profile 😉


When you are in a season of struggle ask yourself these questions: 


  1. What am I learning about myself or others through this? 
  2. What could I have done differently to prevent this? 
  3. What lesson will I take forward with me from this? 


There is strength in the struggle, you just have to change your perspective to see it. 


Have an Amazing Week, 


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