Hear me out…

 This is always a hard conversation but we are friends right? I mean you are here to grow, and I am here to guide you. So here it goes. 


Here is the Really Ugly Truth….. That RUT you are in … it’s your fault. The good news however,  is that just because you are in a rut, doesn’t mean you have to stay there, we just have to address the RUT, aka really ugly truth to find out exactly why we are here. 


The RUT: Being Stuck 


REALLY UGLY TRUTH:  Is it a lack of effort, consistency, or discipline? Are you doing things that are not in alignment with your goals, expecting to get results? Like I said, there is always a really ugly truth behind the rut you are in. What can you change, and what will help you get out of this rut? Making a lifestyle change? Eliminating excuses? Prioritizing self care? Getting rid of TV, setting limits for time on social media? Whatever it is, figure it out so you can get out of that rut, and on your way to success. 


The RUT: Lacking Motivation 


The Really Ugly Truth: You don’t lack motivation, you just lack goals, a vision for your life, and don’t have a dream worth chasing. This can happen as a result of comparing our lives to those around us, failing to reevaluate your dreams and goals and adjusting them to the season you are in, not believing in yourself. So why are you lacking motivation? Look inward and figure out what needs to change, what needs to evolve, and what you need to let go of to get back to being MOTIVATED to live the life you have been given. 


If you continue to spin your wheels in the rut, the rut gets deeper. It’s a simple turn of the wheel that gives the movement to the tire  spinning which creates a different level of traction, and a continued pull in that direction eventually gets you out of the rut.


So a simple adjustment to your





Physical Activity


Eating Habits







Will give you the ability to get out of that RUT, and on your way! When you find yourself in a rut, do some digging and locate the really ugly truth, so that you can get yourself out of it, only the way YOU can, and get back on to the road of progress in your life. 


With Gratitude, 


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