I don’t mean to be technical but…

I had amazing success with little to no effort…said NO ONE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY!


Instead of looking at someone else’s success and thinking, “gosh they are so lucky” start thinking, “Gosh, they must have worked really hard to get there”.


Success isn’t instant, and it’s certainly not easy. If you ever have anyone tell you otherwise, run for the hills. Anyone who hides the truth about what it really takes, has never really done it, and therefore can’t get you there. All great things are a result of great effort. Never forget that effort comes before success in the dictionary. 


Most times the only thing that separates you from the life want to live, the business you want to have, and success in any area of your life you are longing for is merely the amount of effort you are willing to put in. Effort beats talent all day long so they say. Actually, I think that may have been John Wooden who said that. Either way, its 100% truth. The crazy thing is we have an amazon prime approach to life, we want everything in 2 days. But as you know that’s just not realistic. Real change, growth, progress, and success not only take time, but it takes tons of intentional effort. 


If you are not where you want to be, just ask yourself if you have been or are putting in the necessary effort to get there. The answer is usually no. So you can either sit here and sulk in your eforrtlessness, or you can make a decision right now to step it up, so you can step into your greatness. Here are 7 questions you can ask yourself right now to change it all. 


  1.  What is an area of your life that you need to put in more effort? 
  2. What does more effort look like?
  3.  If you put in that effort what might the outcome be? 
  4. How would this outcome benefit you? 
  5. Why does this benefit matter? 
  6. Who does this benefit impact? 
  7. Why does it matter to benefit that person? 


OOOF that was powerful right, I’ll grab the tissue, you get to work! 


With Love, 


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