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If you want to get serious about changing your life then I am going to encourage you to get serious about doing a whole lot more of one thing. Gratitude. 


Gratitude is strongly associated with overall happiness. Gratitude helps you feel more positive emotions, reflect on good experiences, improve health, manage adversity and contribute to building stronger relationships. Basically what I am saying is, chances are if you feel like you are missing out on something– it just might be a solid gratitude practice. If your mindset and attitude is in the tank, well then gratitude is more than likely needed, and basically if you want to learn to live each day with more joy and fulfillment then look no further, because gratitude is the answer. 


Gratitude is like the WD40 of life, it makes just about everything better! Why? Because when you focus on the good you tend to give less focus to the bad. When you set your eyes and mind upon what you have versus what you don’t you automatically increase your energy, actions, and attitude in just about every aspect of your life.


In fact anytime I am coaching someone who feels like life is hard, things suck, they have nothing going for them, they are in a rut– I simply stop them in the midst of their downward spiral and say— “Stop right now, and tell me 5 things you’re grateful for today— in this moment”. Once they do, and they share them with me, I ask them how they feel, and most often the response is “better”. 


You see, sometimes we just need a way to reset and redirect our energy and our minds, and what better way than to focus on the things that we are most grateful for. It pulls to the surface what really matters and enables us to release the fears, anxieties and doubts that have a way of stealing our thunder in life. Literally.


Research conducted by UC Davis (Go Aggies! Proud Alum) psychologist Robert Emmons shows that simply keeping a gratitude journal can significantly increase well-being and overall life satisfaction. Gratitude journaling works because it slowly changes the way we perceive situations by adjusting what we focus on.


Here are some helpful ways to make starting and continuing gratitude practice meaningful and ongoing: 


  • Get a journal— having a place to do the work is key, I like gratitude journals best because they are specifically designated for the work and won’t get mixed up with other notebooks. Here is a link to one of my favorites and if you order with this link, you will receive a special $5 off at checkout until 7/5.


    • Set a time to do your gratitude. Having a consistent routine when it comes to gratitude matters. Study’s show that gratitude journaling at night before bed produces the best results when it comes to lowering anxiousness, improving sleep, and increasing overall well being. 
    • Be specific. The more thoughtful your gratitude journaling is, the more meaningful and effective it becomes. So instead of just saying “I am grateful for my health” say something like “I am grateful for my health, that I was able to keep up with my kids at the park today we had so much fun playing on the swings”
  • Get Social with your gratitude. Take the time to make a quick post about what you are grateful for. You can start or end your day with a share. Also, take a moment to express your gratitude for specific people. It may be your spouse, best friend, neighbor, colleague, or kiddo— the benefits of receiving the gift of gratitude from someone is equally as powerful as the person who is giving it. 


On the note of gratitude, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I am so stinking grateful for you! For your friendship, for your community, and for having the opportunity to be on this journey of growth together!! 

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