If you are looking for a sign, THIS IS IT!!

We’ve been on this whole “live inspired” thing together now, and I HOPE with all of my heart and my pinky toes that you are feeling inspired, living inspired, and inspiring others! We do however need to stop and take a quick moment to talk about something that none of us really like, and that is CHANGE. We like to be cozy and comfy in what we know, the familiar, but comfort breeds contentment, and contentment puts dreams on hold. We are not doing that! This life is too short and your dream is too big to put it on hold for yet another year. The scariest part about change is knowing that it comes with a hefty side of fear and risk. Fear of failure, and the risk of it not working out. That is the challenge, pushing past the fear and accepting the risk. Most successful people that the journey to success SUCC’s (see what I did there) because it was full of highs, and lows, set backs, and re-starts, but none of them would trade the hardest moments for an easier ride. Why? Simply put, because the change is in the challenge!! If you are experiencing adversity know that it’s the most rewarding part of the journey, and a sure fire sign you are on the right path.


Great things were never accomplished without great obstacles. Thank goodness Edison tried 9,999 more times to get that light bulb thing figured out.


If you’re facing a little adversity, take a quick moment, feel that uncertain exciting energy thats decorated in obstacles, pop your hands on your hips and say, “this is what it feels like to be on the verge of success” nod your head and take a giant leap forward into your next move.


Adversity isn’t failure, adversity is a sorting process.


This world has been robbed of life shifting ideas because most people quit when adversity strikes, but NOT YOU. You are different, and you are ON YOUR WAY!! Keep jammin on your path, what you have is something incredible to offer and the WHOLE WORLD is waiting!


Live Inspired, 



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