Increase Your Failure Rate

If SUCCESS is what you are looking for, then failure is what you need to master. I know it sounds wildly counterintuitive, but it’s a very big reality. I don’t know why for so long we have stigmatized failure. Why are we afraid of failure? Why don’t we talk more about our failures? Why do we act as if any amount of success can be achieved without failing first? It really is strange. Failure is proof that effort is present. Failure is proof of learning. Failure is proof of progress. Failure is proof that you are attempting to do something you have never done before, meaning you are venturing outside of your comfort zone– you know that place that contains the next level of who you are meant to become. Failure is a prerequisite of success. 

No one is ever good at anything at first, in fact most people super suck at most things they are attempting for the first time. The difference between those who figure it out and those who don’t is the simple understanding of learning to fail forward. In fact, I want you to learn to fail forward, sideways, backwards, because it is failure that provides the foundation for learning that propels you forward. 


Seriously, think about all of the greatest inventions, and groundbreaking discoveries, that we would have missed out on if there weren’t several attempts to figure it out, just trying just one more time, and persisting until it actually worked. The lightbulb, the telephone, the internet, and roast chicken for crying out loud. 


So how do we change our perception of failure? Simple. We reframe and redirect our energy when it comes to failure. 


Instead of being afraid to fail….be excited about what you will learn that will make the idea better. 


Instead of avoiding failure…embrace it as a healthy part of the process. 


Instead of looking at failure like failure…look to it as the stepping stones to success.


Instead of being ashamed of your failed attempts…share them, celebrate them, because there is something to be said for giving more weight to the journey than the actual destination.


Remember that you will learn more and grow more from your failed attempts that your successful ones. 


With Love, 


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