It’s March

I am so glad that the beginning of this month falls right around the time that this email goes out– for so many reasons! First of all this is a long month, 31 days to be exact. You can look at that and think— gosh this is gonna be a looong month (with angst), or GOSH this month presents at least 31 opportunities for great things (gratitude)!! It is also daylight savings month (praise the lord) so we get an extra hour of daylight during these days! It is also the month of all things green and fun and celebratory!


Perhaps the basketball world was on to something when they coined this month March Madness! 😉


So we have got 31 days of extra daylight- which means we have some work to do, some work to review, and some things to renew! It’s the mid mark of the first half of the year which makes it a perfect time to set new intentions, a perfect time to reevaluate habits, and a perfect time to remind yourself of what you are looking to accomplish this year and adjust the sails if needed.


If you are like me, you are kinda surprised that we are here already….MARCH…. Which means summer is literally a BLINK away (you know exactly what I mean). So this work is imperative.


The reason we are taking a moment to reflect is because if we don’t we fail to take inventory of our progress. This is where the thievery of time comes into play and when we tend to fall short of our intentions

So I have some questions for you?

  • What progress have you made toward your goal? (Be specific)
  • What adjustments to the process do you need to make to stay on track?
  • Why does this goal matter? What difference does it make? How will that impact you in the long run? Why is that important to you?


Now that you have taken inventory of where you are so far, I need you to do something equally important- acknowledge the wins! All of them, even the small ones. A win is a win, and success really is just a collection of small wins- in other words – you are on your way! (also, if you just are realizing that maybe you haven’t moved the needle, well then give yourself grace and make today DAY ONE).


We don’t just take inventory though, we also take this time to set new evolved intentions that allow us to move into that next level of growth and improvement. So build onto a current habit you have mastered, increase the time you devote daily to your goal, increase the focus and priority that you give to it. These little sail adjustments not only keep us on course, they also make for a much smoother journey!


March may be all about rainbows, leprechauns, and pots of gold, but never forget that luck doesn’t contribute to success– only hard work, consistency, and discipline do.




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