I’ve got a tough question to ask…

I am feeling a little nervous getting ready to ask this question, because it may make you want to unsubscribe, but part of my job as a mentor is to ask the tough questions. So here it goes…


Would you follow you?


It either sets well or it doesn’t. It’s questions like this that bring about the shifts we need to go to the next level, in all aspects: parenting, relationships, health and wellness, business, career, leadership, faith. This is the million dollar question, and no you cannot phone a friend (yes, I just dated myself and I am okay with it). 


You gotta ask yourself this one, and get real, raw and vulnerable. Are you a person of action, or do you only talk about what others should do? When you peel it all back… do your habits reflect your goals, do your words reflect your beliefs, does your heart reflect your faith, does your attitude reflect your values? Would you follow you, if the answer is yes, look again, and if your answer is no, then we have work to do. 


The positive in this conversation with yourself is bringing awareness to your truth. Uncovering who you are and putting in the work to make the necessary changes. This question is a good one to ask in all the seasons. It will keep you honest, grounded, and just might be the work you need to do, to make massive progress in your life. 


Live Inspired, 


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