Let’s talk about the word CONTAGIOUS 😳

Did you just cringe at this dirty little word? Well for the sake of all the things, let’s think about contagious in a different way for a moment shall we 😉


What if I told you that energy is contagious. That as humans when we interact with others whether its in person or online its like a giant game of bumper cars, and in each interaction there is a transfer of energy.


People carry the energy you give them. If your energy is good, you transfer good energy, if your energy is bad you transfer bad energy. Knowing this makes you responsible for the energy you carry and the energy you give.


To be incredibly clear, remember that you are 100% in charge of your energy. It can be gift or it can be a weapon.


Also be aware that you are subject to the energy of those around you. If your circle VIBES HIGH, you will VIBE higher, if your circle VIBES LOW, you will vibe lower.


Your energy is contagious, so choose to spread the good kind. 


With Joy, 


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