We’ve been together for quite a few weeks now, and I hope you look forward to getting a little inspiration in your inbox from me each week! I am so honored that we are on this journey together, and that I get to be a part of helping you live an inspired life.


So I wanted to take a moment, and just be really real with you. Take a deep breath with me, and hold it for about 10 seconds, and let it out. Felt good, yeah? I do not know about you, but I need to do more of that…taking a deep breath. It’s just centering, grounding and mind clearing. 


Things have just been a bit heavy lately. I know you feel it too. The things that are going on in the world around us, the ever changing information, new rules, new regulations, it seems as though the way we once lived is far far away, and all that is left in front of us is uncertain. It’s kind of weird to be in this place, this place of unknowing, uncertainty, and unprecedented times. It is taking a toll on all of us. We are even unsure of the decisions we are making, or need to make. There is a pull on our hearts that we don’t understand, and a stirring in souls that leaves us a bit unsettled day after day. Believe me I am struggling with all of it too. Every bit of it. It’s a lot, and it’s okay that it’s a lot, and that some days are simply harder than others. We have to give ourselves grace as we continue to navigate in a place we have never been.


However, even in the midst of all of this we have to remember that we are still living, and still very capable of figuring it out, making those pivots in life, and showing up for the people who are counting on us. I think in times like these there are two types of people in the world. Those who allow things like this to sink them, and those who allow it to serve them.  Obviously only one of those two people will come out on top. 


You see, we have a responsibility to step up to this massive plate of challenges and figure it out much like the generations before us who navigated horrific world wars, political/social unrest, great depressions, dust bowls and so much more. We have a mighty lineage of people who didn’t cower when it got hard, instead they rose up, they pivoted, they kept marching, they fought, they innovated, they created new opportunities, new ways of life, and new ways to move forward. We are just as capable. 


We have a responsibility to show up, stand up, and fight for the next chapters of our lives. We have to add more value and serve at a higher level than ever before. The world needs us to bring the light, the joy, the heart, the compassion. Why? Because there is too much negativity, darkness, hate, division out there. We have to be louder than all of that. It just takes one tiny crack of light to steal the darkness. 


You, my friend, have been given gifts, talents, and abilities that no one else in the world has. Now is the time to use them to lift up, encourage, and inspire those around you. You have greatness within you that the entire world can and will benefit from. If you allow the weight of the world to hold you down then you hold those around you back from what you have to offer. Now is the time to shine brighter, now is the time to radiate joy, now is the time to spread positivity. The world needs your light. Let it shine. 


Better Together, 


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