Looking for a Cure All?

Have you ever just wished there was a cure all for ALL the things? Somedays I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha to fix things that need fixing, summon a genie from a lamp to get things done, or find some magical meditation (or Calgon) to take all my troubles away! If only it were that simple!! 


If you ever find yourself in a state of frustration or sadness, or even when you are feeling uninspired (GULP*) or unmotivated, there is actually one thing that you CAN do that is very SIMPLE and actually serves as a MAJOR CURE ALL!!! 


Are you ready for it? It’s GRATITUDE!! Yep, this word packs a big punch when it comes to changing perspective, energy, emotions and actions! We often assume that we run around with our gratitude switch enabled all day long, but we don’t. We have to actively engage with gratitude in order for it to do its thing! 


Most people think that gratitude is something you do sometimes, but in all reality it’s a practice you should become disciplined in if you want to live a more joyous, fruitful, inspired life. 


Here are a few ways you can work Gratitude into your life: 


  1. Bust out your calendar and schedule time for gratitude, set a reminder in your phone “Hey siri, remind me to practice gratitude everyday at 9pm” ** if you don’t schedule it, it wont happen. 
  2. Grab a gratitude journal, put it bed side and jot down a few things you are grateful for each day. 
  3. Make a gratitude section in your notes, and throughout your day take a moment to jot down the amazing things that happened. (like the green lights when you are running late). 
  4. Create a gratitude jar or white board in the house where everyone in the family can record at least one thing they are grateful for that day. 
  5. Text or voice memo one person each day you are grateful for and tell them why. 


Infact, STOP whatever you are doing right now, close your eyes, and think about one thing you are grateful for in this very moment? What is it? Tell ME!!! See how that works, how taking a moment to reflect and acknowledge that good things are happening in your life. 


The most amazing part about gratitude practice is that it helps us develop an eye for the good. We will begin to notice the good in all the moments, even the tough ones. You will always get MORE of what you look for, so if you are constantly looking through the lens of gratitude you will always see the good. This automatically means you will see less of the challenging, hard, difficult etc. So as you set out for yet another week, let’s work to be obnoxiously grateful! 


With Gratitude, 


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