When You Meet Failure Face to Face Ask…

As much as we wish we didn’t have to, we are going to have regularly scheduled meetings with failure along the way. My hope is that you see these as advantageous meetings, not ones to avoid or dread. As you know, and as we have talked about, failure is a BIG part of success. Failure is a required part of the journey. We have to fail to learn, we have to fail to adjust, and we have to fail to get better. There really is no way around it. If there is ONE thing you truly take away from this email I want it to be this. Failure isn’t final, it’s fertile.


Just like any meeting you attend, the more prepared you are, the more successful the meeting is. With that being said it’s not only important that you anticipate failure, but it’s even more imperative that you know exactly what to ask when you meet failure face to face.


Here are a few key questions to ask failure during your meeting:

  • What are you trying to teach me?
  • How will this lesson make me better?
  • What changes will I make to ensure I grow from this?
  • How will this information serve me and the people I encounter in the future?


Failure presents itself so we have the ability to evolve and grow. Sometimes we are presented with lessons back to back to back, and other times the lessons come from time to time. Either way, think of each meeting as an opportunity for resilience and grit, not proof or reason you should quit.


Failure makes us prove time and time again that our dreams, our desires, and our goals are worthy of what it takes to achieve them. Many people have dreams, but few accomplish them, not because they weren’t meant to, but because they chose to flake out on these very important meetings. These “no-shows” are costly as they have the ability to rob one of their true potential in life.


Always remember that no matter where you are in your journey, failure is always right around the corner, not to deter you, but to make you better. When our perspective of failure changes, failure has the ability to change our perspective.


So, when you head into your next meeting with failure, prepare yourself with these questions, and walk out of that meeting ready to get back up and on your way to the next level!


It’s Grow Time,


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