Mentors are a Must!

No matter where you are in life, and regardless of what you are doing you need mentors! What is a mentor? Someone who inspires you, motivates you, encourages growth, who speaks life into you. It’s not about needing a mentor when–it’s about needing a mentor always. 


Mentors can be people you know, maybe someone further along in your career path. Maybe someone you know that you can go to for guidance and counsel in certain arenas, and a lot of times our mentors are virtual. They are the people we follow on social media. The fitness guru, the thought leaders, the author, the activist. Regardless of the form of the mentor, the thing to remember is we all need them. Why? Because, You need to have more people pulling FOR you than pulling FROM you. 


You see we have a lot of people in our lives that pull from us: the naysayers, the doubters, the non-believers, the haters, etc. We need more people pulling FOR us! This is where mentors come in. Someone who is speaking life into you, so that you can continue to develop belief in yourself and make more progress toward your goals. 


How can you tell the difference between the people who are pulling for you, or from you? Simple. Assess your energy after you engage with them. If you feel drained, tired, exhausted, flat, they are pulling from you, taking your energy, stealing your joy and often times you progress. If you feel energized, motivated, inspired, activated, renewed, lifted.. Well then they are pulling for you. They contribute to your energy, goals, aspirations. 


Now my questions, ahem, and it’s a tough one to ask. Which are you for most people? Are you pulling from them or for them? Ooooof, that introspective stuff is tough. But seriously ask yourself. Then decide. Decide who and how you wanna be for others. Trust me when you make the switch to pulling for people your whole world will begin to change. 


Action Items for today! 


  1. Go get a couple new mentors! 
  2. Send a note to someone who shows up as a mentor in your life and thank them. 
  3. If someone serves as a mentor and you have yet to tell them, do it right now. 
  4. Decide right now to lead your life in a way that you can be a mentor to others. 


Live Inspired, 


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