We are merely days away from a new year, and as hard as it is to believe, the year 2022 is knocking on our doors. With that being said I hope that the door you open is filled with love, forgiveness, opportunity, peace, joy, and most importantly a plan.


So many people think about the new year as a time to set new goals, and oftentimes forget to put the most important piece into action. You have got to have a plan in place if you expect to make progress. We can no longer (especially as the years continue to come faster and faster) just take a haphazard approach to life. We need to be in alignment, we need to be intentional and we need to know exactly where we want to go and what we want to accomplish so we can map out exactly how to get there. 


One thing to be aware of and understand is that a new year and new goals are going to require a different level of you. This means you are going to have to pack up your repeat excuses with your Christmas decorations. You are going to have to toss out all those limiting beliefs that have held you back for soooo long, out with the dried up Christmas tree, and remember you are going to have to-maybe for the first time- be serious about this change you are trying to create. 


Let this be the year you ACTUALLY do it, accomplish it, get it done, or make it happen. Let this be the year you STOP breaking promises to yourself. Let this be the year you set a new precedence for how you are going to LIVE your life, without the fear of what others will say, think or do. This is YOUR life …. LIVE it for YOU!! 


Here are some questions to ask yourself as you sit down to design the next best year of your life. You can certainly apply this practice to all of the areas like business, health, fitness, faith, family etc. Oh, and … I double dog dare you to actually get this all written out! Take a picture post it in your story, let’s help inspire others! 


Be as specific as possible: 


  1. What do I want to accomplish?
  2. What will I need to make this happen? 
  3. How will my schedule need to change to make this work? 
  4. Who will I need support from, wha will that look like? 
  5. Who can help hold me accountable, and how can I enroll them into doing that for me?
  6. What habits will I have to release, and what new habits will I have to replace them with? 
  7. How will things change for me on a daily basis?
  8. What is one thing I can get rid of to make time for what I need to make this happen?
  9. Why is this goal important to me? 
  10. What will it mean if I accomplish it? 
  11. Why does that matter? 
  12. Who else will benefit from me reaching my goal? 


Bonus: Write a victory letter to yourself imagining you just reached this goal and you are on the cusp of 2023. What would you tell yourself? How proud would you be, and what next level would this unlock for you. 


Then call your best friend and read it aloud to her. Look in the mirror and read it aloud to yourself. Read it aloud to your significant other. 


Get ready, we are in for one amazing ride this year, glad you are coming along- it definitely wouldn’t be as fun without you! 


Better Together, 


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