Oh The Webs We Spin…

Well this message couldn’t have come at a better time! Here we are just a day before Halloween and all things Trick-or-Treat, and I am here to deliver the goods right to your inbox, with every intention that it not only takes root in your mind, but deep in your belly.


The topic of worry comes just a week after we talked about developing a warrior mindset, (if you missed last week, go back, re-read, print it out, and put it somewhere you can reference it when you feel your inner warrior begin to fall victim to worry). Now, back to today. Have you noticed a change in the air? A different energy out there in the world, and on social media? Something has changed, and people are getting tangled in the webs of worry, wrapped up, and entrapped in things they cannot control, and ultimately losing a grip on the things they can. 


Can you relate to this? Do you feel the heaviness? Do you find yourself falling victim to the fears being cast by those who are worried about the recession? Do you find yourself in fear mode over fight mode, paralyzed by the unknown? If this is you… know that its a normal place to land during times like this, but also know that is it NOT normal to stay there once you realize all of this. 


If you are backsliding in any area of your life, then this is you, and this is why its happening. You’re in a web of worry. If you are backsliding in your health, fitness, habits, routines, business, work, relationships… this is especially for you. We backslide, when we stop leaning into the work, and start leaning into the excuses, fear, doubt, and worry. You suddenly stop engaging in the things that were helping you make progress, and begin to wonder why you are now regressing. 


You see– when we are tangled in a web of worry we naturally unravel all of the work we have done. We lose sight of our goals as it suddenly feels selfish. We tend to hide behind distractions because for whatever reason it always seems easier to run than to roar.


If that last sentence just felt like a little sucker punch to the gut, feel it– because that is you having a visceral reaction to the truth, and sometimes we need the jolt to wake us up. Sometimes we need to be stirred up and shaken. Ask yourself are you running or are you roaring? 


If there has ever been a time to rise up and roar, it’s now.


Remember way back in the spring of 2020 when the world got real crazy?? When our kids came home for like a whole year, where we rationed toilet paper squares, and made it socially acceptable to wear sweats 24/7, and the most repeated phrase was “you’re muted”. Yeah then. 


There was a shift in the energy of that time too. Fear and worry was at an all time high, and two types of people emerged from that group. Those that ran, and those who roared. The runners came out of the pandemic with less than they went into it with, less hope, less financial stability, less energy, less emotional capacity, and still today they are the ones who are struggling. 


Then there are those who roared. They skilled up, they learned something new, the dove into growth and development, they turned down the noise and turned toward faith, they minimized excuses and maximized their efforts, they started new business, got creative and incredibly resourceful, and they came out of the pandemic with more than they had going into it. In fact, I am willing to bet that they are the ones who are the most optimistic, the most encouraging and uplifting, the ones who have created more stability, the ones whose lives are enriched because they never allowed the worry of the world to become something they carried.


Getting wrapped up in the webs of worry, keeps you from seeing the good in the moment you are in. It keeps you from seeing opportunity. It keeps you from realizing all that you have already within you and around you. It blurs your perception of reality and distorts the path. It eliminates your desire to move forward and entices you to shrink back and recede. But if you look around there is good in the moment you are in. You have never been in a better place to do the things that are going to advance your life, and enable you to enrich the lives of others. You have never been as smart, experienced, and capable as you are right now. 


The only thing you should be worried about right now is all of the things you won’t accomplish, the person you won’t become, the values you won’t instill, the legacy you won’t create, the impact you will fail to have if you continue to chose to run instead of roar.


The web we weave is the web we leave, will it be one of inspiration or desperation? 


Roaring Loudly, 


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