On Purpose

I hope this email finds you well! I cannot believe we are headed quickly toward summer break and all things sunshine and summer fun. I wanted to take some time today to plant some seeds of success into your mind, trusting that you will nurture them and allow them to take root. 

It seems as though many people are on a quest to discover, find and pursue their purpose. Interestingly, many people struggle to nail down their purpose and begin their pursuit. It’s almost become this elusive thing, this mythical creature shrouded in dense fog, and a narrow path, and once you catch it and take ownership of it– your life suddenly changes, you have clarity on all the things you are to do and become, and everything about your whole journey makes more sense than it ever did before. It is for this reason that so many people never actually live out their purpose. It is for this reason that people are constantly in pursuit of it. People try to chase down, discover, and realize their purpose their entire lives which sometimes results in them failing to LIVE ON purpose. 

Today I want to share with you that your purpose isn’t something you just uncover like a buried treasure, it’s something that you’ve inside of you all along, you just have to decide to activate it. Purpose isn’t about WHAT we do in our LIVES, it is a choice we make about HOW we want to live our lives.

Our Purpose is HOW we want to live our lives. Once we identify that, we set forth this mission to become and make sure all things we do fall within that scope of our journey. If you want to live a life of impact, declare it, and start seeing your life as a way to do that and your purpose will fulfill itself. If you want to live a life of compassion, then declare it and make compassion your central mission. If you want to live a life of positivity or change then allow your decisions to guide your actions creating the opportunities to demonstrate and pursue a life of positivity or change.  Whatever it is, be sure that you just decide HOW you want to live your life, and what your life is about will take care of itself. Your purpose will develop by way of your actions and become a part of WHO you are.

So the seed I want to plant? The seed of possibility of your purpose! Take this opportunity to think about what you want your life to be about. What you want your life to represent. What you want others to be able to say your life was about after you are gone, based not on what you accomplished but what you were about.

How are you going to live your life? Decide soon, your purpose is awaiting activation!

Big Hugs,


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