OTP Rule for Success

I know we cover a lot of topics weekly together, but you must know that my number one objective is to give you new insights and perspectives that allow you to think a little differently about how you operate and show up in the world with the end goal of making gradual progress. So this week I want to jump into a simple rule for success– something I call OTP!


Own your vision

Trust yourself

Push forward 


These three concepts right here enable us to redirect our thoughts and energy into more productive places, keep us in alignment, and help us to simplify the complicated process that success can sometimes feel like. 


No matter what goal you are chasing, what dream you are building, what story you are writing, you can use this simple acronym to give you all the motivation you need to keep moving–especially on the days when you least feel like it.


Own Your Vision: 

What do you want in this life? What will it take to get there? What do you need to do? Who do you need to become? Your vision for your life matters and you need to be super clear about it. Clarity paves the way for progress. So how do you own your vision? You know what it is, and you speak it into existence. You own it by making sure that the decisions you make are about getting you closer to bringing it to life–  you say yes to the things and the people that will make it a reality and NO to the people and the things that won’t. 


Trust Yourself: 

So often when we are going after what we want we tend to doubt ourselves. We allow fear to creep in and start telling us lies about who we really are and what we truly deserve. Instead I want you to trust yourself. Trust that you have what it takes. Trust that you are equipped. Trust that you are worthy. Trust that you are exactly right where you need to be doing and learning the things you need to learn and do to get you to that next level. Trust that you are making the best decisions, trust that you can and will succeed. When we trust ourselves we honor the journey, we honor the plan that has been laid out for us. 


Push Forward:

As we have discussed time and time again, there is no shortcut to success. You will mess up, make mistakes, and fail all along the way. You will feel uninspired and unmotivated at times. Here is what you should know, the size of the victory is directly related to the speed of the push through. Pushing forward is a key survival skill. Too many times people allow the obstacle to hold them back, the disappointment to derail their progress, and the set back to actually set them back. It doesn’t have to be that way. You just have to decide ahead of time that you are going to push forward when tough times and tough moments hit. Push throughs often lead to breakthroughs– where in your life do you need to push forward, and what is waiting for you when you do. 


You see, success is a series of OTP moments! Moments where you are going to have to step up and OWN YOUR VISION, TRUST YOURSELF, and PUSH FORWARD over and over again. It’s kind of like a really awesome cycle. When you take ownership you become empowered, when you trust in you, you become unstoppable, when you push forward you solidify confidence, grit, and resilience.


So I have one question for you…you down with OTP??!!! ( bonus points if you picked up on that old school music reference) 




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