Permission Granted

I want to start this email off by saying that you do not need permission to reach your full potential, and live your best life. You are probably thinking, “I know that”…but do you? Do you really know that you do not need permission to live your best life?


If you know this, then why do you seek others approval for the outfit you want to wear? 

If you know this, then why do you wait to take action on your goals until you have a small group of people ready to celebrate you.

If you know this, then why do you second guess yourself and your ideas?

If you know this, then why aren’t you already living your best life, maxing your potential?


So many of us sit and wait for life to magically unfold or for someone else to give us the green light to live it. 


You will never get what you want in life if you don’t simply decide to just go for it. If you continue to wait, you will continue to wait for your life to be lived, and eventually time runs out. 


There is no permission slip for living your life to the fullest. No permission slip for working to reach your potential and fulfill your purpose.


It’s so crazy that we seek external validation to make big decisions, or figure out what we should do, when we know–all along- what it is that we should do, the direction we go, the steps we take, the decisions we make. Why is it that we trust others’ opinions and approval more than our own. 


It’s ON your heart because it’s IN your heart. It’s on your mind because it’s IN your mind. You can feel it inside of you, because it’s already a part of you, don’t you get it? You already have all of the permission you need to live your life, chase your dream, become who you want to become. 

Stop thinking about what you want your life to look like, and start designing your life. Stop thinking about who you want to become and what skills you want to develop and just start doing it. 


Your dreams are big and life is short, stop waiting around for the approval of the people who still haven’t given permission to themselves to live their own lives. 


Better Together, 


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