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Just gonna let you know that today we are gonna go a little deeper, because it’s required to help you see and understand the relevance of our chat. Here is what I want you to know. Happiness is an inside job, success is an inside job, and fulfillment is an inside job. This means that YOU and only YOU are responsible for these things.


If we know this to be true, then why do we look to outside sources and people to validate our happiness, success, and fulfillment? We all do it. Sometimes it looks like looking to our friends to approve and validate the decisions we make instead of trusting our intuition and what’s best for us. Other times it looks like holding the bar of success so high that we fail to recognize the successes that occur on an everyday basis. It can also look like waiting for the right job, the right partner, the right house to feel fulfilled in the life that we are living, instead of appreciating what we have and where we are.


It’s not until you recognize that your happiness and success in life is an inside job, that happiness and success will reflect on the outside. Stop looking to the outside for these things. Stop using google to check in on the decision you need to make. Stop waiting for others to give you permission to be happy, and lastly stop trying to live your life with the expectations others place upon you. 


Friday won’t make you happy, that glass of wine won’t make you happy, that perfectly decorated white kitchen won’t make you happy, and the latest and greatest fashion item to hit the shelf won’t make you happy either. Only you can make you happy.


Until you are happy with WHO you are and WHERE you are in life will you begin to experience the level of satisfaction that success and fulfillment can bring. 


So what do YOU need to do? What do you need to focus on? What decision do you need to trust? 

Next, grab a piece of paper and a pen and take yourself through these questions. 


  1. When do I feel the happiest? What am I doing? Who am I with? 
  2. When do I feel the most successful? What is happening? What am I doing? 
  3. When do I feel the most fulfilled? What am I doing? Why does it matter? 


Now after you answer the questions— well to put it quite simply– just do more of those things. 


This is how we release the weight of the world, and focus on lightening our load so we can settle into what matters, and make progress in the right direction. 


With Love, 


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