Brewing Success Podcast - by Andrea Gebhardt

Do you have a career you love and are looking for balance and growth? Maybe you are an entrepreneur trying to figure out how to do it all and do it well, or maybe you are just someone who is looking for inspiration and tools to help you thrive on a daily basis, or maybe you're busy mom in the trenches of raising kids (like me) while trying to work on your dream and become the best version of yourself, if you are, then you have come to the right place!  Whoever you are, I am FOR you!!

My name is Andrea Gebhardt, I am a former educator turned passionate entrepreneur and not only have I spent the last decade coaching people in all things related to success, I have developed a strong desire to connect with more people and create conversations about growing into our best. This podcast is designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to Brew Success in any area of your life! We will learn, we will laugh, and we will certainly make progress each week as we come together! The candid nature of this podcast will make you feel like you're talking to your best friend and mentor all at once. It will be filled with real moments, raw emotion, and refreshing inspiration.

It's time to start Brewing Success together! Here we grow!   

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So valuable!

With so many competing options for our attention, your podcast sets itself apart balancing so many valuable lessons and reminders on leadership while encouraging everyone to bring their authentic self. You carry such an important message and are creating a truly safe space for growth. The insight into confidence hit hard - I can't wait to hear more!!

J Chain

Can't Get Enough!!

Have you ever met someone and just thought wow they have the drive and motivation I want? That is who Andrea is. She helps you realize your true potential! She is authentic and pure. Everyday she makes me want to be the BEST version of myself! Thank you Andrea for sharing your greatest!!


Engaging, Love her! 5 Stars!

One of my favorite new podcasts! She is so easy to listen to and she gives practical nuggets of strategy that I know I need in my life! If you're looking to grow, I really encourage you to give this show a listen!!

Cali Coast Keri

Perfect timing!

"When in doubt, push forward!" Timely and impactful words that were heard at the perfect moment! I love that there is a community of people including Andrea who want to better themselves with the goal of helping people find a greater capacity to, themselves, help others.

Brewing Success Podcast

I can't wait to listen to them all!

I am loving this! So inspirational! You make me want to be a better me!



I connect so much with Andrea and you can feel her passion coming through the speaker. So grateful to have her as a resource and love this dynamic speaker.



Andrea is a powerful, authentic and engaging host. I'm excited to follow along and grow with this podcast!


"WHO ARE YOU NOT TO...?" - This is pivotal!

This series is jam packed with so many critical questions that help you conduct an internal mindset check and inquiry on the important changes that you want to make to take yourself to the next level. The beauty of these is that the lessons are applicable to any aspect of your life. I loved that the techniques led to the creation of possibilities, and from the get go focused on three foundational elements that are required to create that massive shift - it's all in the A, B, Cs! highly recommend to anyone that's ready to create massive transformation and shifts in their life and also in the lives of others. Andrea Gebhardt keeps dropping the truth and wisdom in a simple and yet profound way that's easy to both understand and implement for an immediate shift in your mindset!

Sacramento Shopping

Beyond excited!

I cannot wait to continue to learn from Andrea on yet another platform. She is so incredibly authentic and just has a way of speaking life over me that is so genuine & effortless. Her love is contagious. No doubt we're all in for a treat!


We all need to hear this!

Andrea is engaging, intelligent, wise, hilarious and real with advise on how to better ourselves and be the best version we can be. I know her personally and she is as real in life as she is on this pod. She was BORN to do this work and is so authentic, you feel it in each episode.


So inspiring!

I am passionate about energy! Her message is spot on. I know Andrea personally and she is an incredible leader. She doesn't just talk the talk she WALKS THE WALK. You can know that she is authentically what she puts out there. 


Imperfect ACTION

Not only did this episode resonate with me, but it reminded me that imperfect action is better than no action. We weren't made to be perfect but we were made to LEAD. Andrea has a huge heart for this topic and leads wholeheartedly. I am excited to learn from her and grow my leadership through her podcast.

Suz Guti

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