Ready for a little math? 🤓

Alright, it’s time to dust off your brain, sit up straight and grab a piece of paper and the nearest writing utensil. In order to continue to grow and make progress we have to take inventory of our lives where we are and make some changes. I actually recommend you do this often as it will keep your energy tidy and your purpose driven path clear of debris. 


Let’s make a list! Who are the people, things, activities, distractions, thoughts, emotions, etc that create massive piles of doubt in your mind? The things that paralyze your progress, or steal your time and productivity? Got your list? Okay now let’s SUBTRACT those things from your day to day- which we know compounds in your year. This may mean unfollowing people, setting time limits for social media, and managing your thoughts and emotions. 


Now, let’s make another list. Let’s think about the things that WOULD help us make progress, feel better, increase our vibe, elevate our mindset and reaffirm our purpose. Write them down. Maybe it’s working out on a daily basis, getting a planner and scheduling your time versus leaving it to chance, maybe its reading a chapter a day, drinking more water, getting to church, writing affirmations, meditation, giving up alcohol, or fast food, or learning something new. Whatever you just put on this list…. ADD it to your day to day, and allow that compound to become your year. 


Crazy how little changes can add up to something better. 


If you do this, I can guarantee that the sum of you will be greater than who you were before you read this, and that is the goal my friend. Progress. 


Happy Mathing, 


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