Remember when it comes to all things….. M I N D S E T —> matters

Let’s take a moment today and talk about what matters most when it comes to living your best life! It has nothing to do with where you live, what beaches you vacay on, what style of clothes you wear, living your best life has EVERYTHING to do with your MINDSET. Because WHERE you set your mind, sets your attitude, your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions. 


What is MINDSET!? It’s what YOU CHOOSE to set your mind to. It’s kind of like a thermostat— it controls the environment. Do you see those two words right there, your MINDSET is a choice and its one of the most important decisions of your day. What will my mindset be today? 


I hope you heard that correctly, because I want to make sure that you understand. The environment doesn’t control us, our mindset controls the environment. This means that circumstances are not in control, you are. Other people aren’t in control, you are. Success and or failure is reliant upon your mindset and nothing else.


Things to Remember: 🙌🏻


– the mindset going in is the mindset that carries through what ever you’re doing. Enter wisely.


-You cannot get out of a moment what you didn’t put into it. Negative mindset and positive result is a faulty equation.


-Your mindset determines your direction. If you wouldn’t drive off the road, or off the cliff, or ram into someone on the road…why would you do it to yourself mentally?


-Your mindset will make or break all things, including your dreams.


One question to ask yourself 🤔


If my current mindset was on a T-Shirt would it be motivating or demotivating? Would I be proud or embarrassed? Would this be a mindset I’d allow my children to have?


Okay, so maybe that was a few questions 😉, I’m never good at that “just one stuff” which is why I no longer buy Oreos. 🤫


But honestly, think about all that for a second, where you set your mind, is where your mind “sets”, and if you are in charge of that on the daily, then why wouldn’t you set it right?


Here are a few ways to set your mind:


  • Today is going to be an amazing day. I am going to add value to as many people as I can and bring joy to every space that I enter. 
  • Today is going to be a productive day. I am excited to work on my goals, and know that I am deserving of great things! 
  • Today I am grateful to be alive. I will take notice of and give thanks for the smallest blessings in my life today. 


If you start your day with your mind right, then you will also find that you will be in your right mind throughout the day.


All the Best, 


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