Riding the Struggle Bus?

You wanna know one thing we don’t talk about enough? Struggle!! We all just act like success is automatic, when in reality success is the sum of a whole lot of effort, failure, and resilience. 


Have you been feeling a little stuck? Frustrated? Maybe even on the verge of quitting?


Listen, I know it’s hard when it’s hard. I know the struggle sucks, but once you learn to embrace the suck you will find your way out of STUCK!.


It’s hard to figure it out, learn the lesson, and see the solution if our gaze is fixed upon the bottom of the pit. So look up buttercup, this is just a part of the ride. Perfectly placed to determine whether or not you are willing to chase that dream.


Always remember, you know you’re pursuing your purpose, when you have a first class seat on the struggle bus. 😉


Repeat after me: The struggle is real, and its a part of the ride. I am choosing to see struggle as a part of the process, not a quitting point! 


Live Inspired, 


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