Develop a Role Model Mindset

So the other day Paisley asked me about role models and what a role model is. I told her that a role model is someone you look up to. Sometimes you look up to them because they are a good person, sometimes you look up to them because they possess qualities you would like to have, strengths you would like to develop, and other times you look up to someone because they are doing things in life that you would like to do.


A role model is someone who sets a good example for others.


I believe that being a role model is more than just actions. I believe that being a role model is a mindset. It is a way of believing, thinking, and doing. When you have a role model mindset— you always operate with “setting the example” in mind.


Think for just a moment at how adopting a role model mindset isn’t just about setting the example for others, but really the ability to set the example for yourself. Not only keeping you in alignment, but also increasing your ability to be accountable to yourself.


You see the struggle that most of us face, is behind closed doors or when “no one is watching” We eat differently, speak differently, work differently, treat others differently, and think differently. We skip a rep, we grab another cookie, and we forgo our routines and procedures because no one is looking. This is where we fall into traps, and ruts, and fall back into old habits that rob us of progress.


When you work to develop a role model mindset you create a different level of awareness. One in which you act as if, speak as if, think as if, lead as if, show up as if, believe as if, do as if – someone is watching. Not watching for the sake of monitoring you, but for the sake of learning from you and working to emulate you. This allows you to stay on track, stay in alignment, and make continual progress.


You see most people have a role model, but most people fail to recognize that they are indeed always role modeling for someone else. Good or bad. So to ensure that you are showing up and serving up your best at all times, work to develop a role model mindset and watch not only how you inspire others, but how you inspire yourself.


With Gratitude,


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