Searching for Balance?

Have you ever wondered how people do it all? Have you been spinning your wheels trying to chase a sense of balance? If this is you, YOU are definitely not alone, so my people chase balance and it feels like a never ending challenge. Why does it feel this way? Get ready for a truth bomb friend! 




Instead of trying to find balance, find a way to prioritize your time. Here are a few simple ways you can do that. 


  • Schedule the important things first ( these are the things that must be done, non-negotiable)
  • Actually plan out and make time for the things that matter (date night, intentional time with kids, friends, family, self care, exercise, projects, your dreams, your passion)
  • Remove the things from your day/week that rob you of time (wasted time on social media, show binging, complaining, being in a negative state)


One you learn to prioritize your time, not only will you be more efficient and effective you will also FEEL more balanced, and that is success my friend! 


So now what? Get to mapping out your days and weeks, and find your groove!


All the Best, 


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