Shrink-a-Dink Syndrome

Have you ever found yourself questioning your own ideas, worth, and value? I know that I certainly have. It would usually happen when I would be in conversation with someone about something I wanted to do or accomplish. Instead of being met with excitement, I was met with statements like, “Do you think that’s even possible?” or “What makes you think you can pull that off”. Talk about being cut off at the knees. My excitement and belief around who I was and wanted to do disappeared faster than Oreos left out on the counter on a Saturday afternoon.


You may or may not have experienced this same type of thing, but rest assured that the more work you do on yourself and the more you begin to grow into the next level of the greatest version of you and your purpose, you will inevitably experience it more and more. So, I want to clue you in on why this happens.

When this happens here is what you need to know. Most people are uncomfortable when people around them begin to grow and change for the better. This happens because they begin to see that they are not growing and changing for the better and this makes them bitter– mostly towards you. 


People have a natural tendency to want to keep others where they are. I call these people “traps” because they want to trap your mindset, your energy, your growth, your potential success because they themselves are trapped with their own fixed minds and unwillingness to do the inner work that delivers outer change.


So when you are faced with disparaging remarks and comments and expressions of doubt that come from others remember this, the words people say to you only have as much power as you give them. The sooner you realize that “these” kinds of people are more uncomfortable with where they are not, rather than where you are going, it naturally lessens the power their words have over you. 


My advice. Evolve your circle. Surround yourself with people who are on the same journey. Surround yourself with people who are where you want to be. Surround yourself with people who are for you and who you are becoming.


Never shrink yourself to fit someone else’s small idea of who you should be.


Keep learning, keep growing, keep evolving. That is the whole point of life, to grow into who you are called to be. 


With Love, 


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