Survive the Holiday Hustle

I cannot believe it is already December? If you are like me, you just put up your decorations, and are just now asking the kids for their Christmas lists!! Oh wait, you did all of that a long time ago? Welp, clearly I am a little behind this year! If you are behind like me, take a deep breath– you’ve got this! HA! 


Isn’t funny how this last month of the year always sneaks up on us? It is filled with numerous holiday activities, end of season sports banquets, holiday performances and so much more. Our familial expectations increase, and we also have this crazy societal expectation to have a perfectly curated holiday porch, designer tree, and all the presents wrapped and perfectly positioned under the tree.


I don’t wanna sound Grinchy here, but the holidays have a tendency to be a bit over whelming for me and for many others. So how do you survive the holiday hustle?



Only say yes to the things that you actually have the time and energy for. We have a tendency to over extend ourselves during this time of year, and take on more than we need to. Be okay with not signing up when they are looking for volunteers, and be okay with telling your kids or family know when they wanna do or spend extra funds during this month. Learn to say yes less and no MORE. 



Why on earth did we ever think that a mile long to do list equated to productivity and success? To-Do lists are a trap, and often result in feelings of failure and overwhelm. My advice? Limit your To-Do list daily to no more than 5 items. This will ensure you get them all done, and make sure you are spending your time and energy where it matters most…not on the frivolous activities that are actually busy work and deter your productivity. 


  • Set Holiday Hours

This may sound a bit odd to you, but I mean think about it, just about every store, and business has different hours during the Holidays. While most of these create holiday hours to accommodate employees and customers, you are going to put Holiday Hours in place to accommodate you and your family. So take a look at your schedule and determine your hours. What changes on what days need to be made, and actually make them. This might mean you shut things down a little earlier, and have more time “off” over the weekend and during holiday break, and that is 10000% okay, because it’s not for forever, its for a brief season, one that requires more from us, so we have to get creative with the time we have. 


I am curious as to which one of these resonates with you the most, and would love to hear back from you which if not all you are going to put into place for yourself. Afterall, I want you to enjoy this Holiday season….not get blown out by it! 


With Love, 


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