The most common question I am asked 😳🙈

 I get this question all the time.


“How do you do it all?”


My answer? I don’t. I can’t. I won’t. I outgrew that side of myself when I realized it was holding me back. GIRL BYE ✌🏻


Instead, I ask myself this question each day. It gives me clarity, creates alignment, and prevents overwhelm.


What are the three things I need to do today

 that will help me create the success that I desire?


The best thing about this question is the variation of endings you can apply to it, allowing your to move the needle in the right places:

– as a leader

– as a mom

– as a teacher

– as a business owner

– as a creator

– as a friend

– in my health

– in my fitness

– in my spirituality

– in my finances


It’s like a Rubik’s cube of endless possibility for enriching your life.


Don’t drown yourself in big to-do lists. Two things happen when you do, you either chalk your day up to a failure because you didn’t get it all done, or you get it all done but you made no real progress because organizing your pantry for the 32nd time has nothing to do with your REAL GOALS. 👊🏼


Write down the 3 for your desired category and get to work, nobody can change your life like you can! 


With Love, 


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