Let’s have a little fun! Time for a riddle! What is one thing that everyone wants a little more of, but they don’t always know how to get? Now before your brain goes too deep on this one, allow me to give you the answer. The one thing that everyone wants a little more of, that they don’t know how to get is INFLUENCE!! 


Why do people want more influence? Well to put it simply, influence is how we get people on board with what we want. Sometimes influence is used to get the family to smile at the same time for photos, sometimes influence is used at work to get a team of people on board with an idea or strategy, sometimes influence is to get an important agenda on the move. Whether you like it or not INFLUENCE is how you get things done, and influence is synonymous with leadership, and well even if you are not aware of it, you ARE a leader in your life. 


Influence is a product of trust and it requires building relationships and your reputation. Believe it or not your ability to build trust and relationships relies heavily on ONE thing! Know what that ONE thing is??? It’s your ENERGY. Your energy introduces you before you ever even say a word, your energy is the first thing someone meets. It serves as the first impression whether it is online, in person, or even in silence. Your energy is felt, and upon that feeling a decision is made. The minute your energy enters the space of another person they begin to ask themselves…. Do I trust this person? Can I trust this person?  Do I want to be in a relationship with this person? I know that you are doubting that this actually happens, and that’s because it happens so fast and on such a subconscious level that you may not even be aware that it’s happening. But trust me it is. Let me prove it. When someone you do not know enters a room one of two things happen, you either become curious or closed off. If the energy is good and they are smiling,  have a confident posture, you become curious because the energy is attractive. If they come in disgruntled, complaining, scowling, and hunched— you close yourself off because the energy doesn’t feel good. The energy you give says a lot about WHO you are and WHAT you are about. The good news is that regardless of your natural level of energy we can work to improve it by simply being aware of it at all times.


What most people do not know is that energy is a choice. You get to choose and decide what energy you will have, carry, and give. This is a very important thing to remember because for most of our lives our energy was based upon our circumstances. Someone cut you off, energy dips. Someone didn’t flush the toilet, energy dips. Someone at work said something dumb, energy dips. Something good happens– energy increases, got out of the speeding ticket, energy increases. He finally texted you back… energy increases. 


You see, most of us allow the environment to dictate our energy, we become energy reactors. Instead, I want you to focus on becoming an energy generator. I want you to be the energy you want to attract. I want you to be the energy you feel good about transferring to others. I want you to be the energy that others gravitate toward. This all states with a simple choice. What is the energy level I want to have today? Walking into this meeting? Walking into my home? Walking into each and every moment of the day. It is a decision, and it is one of the most important decisions you will make.


Think of it this way. High energy– higher level of influence. Low energy–lower level of influence. Your energy is the environment that is doing to invite or disinvite others, motivate or demotivate others, elevate or decimate others. I hope that you are starting to see and understand the significant role your energy plays in your level of influence. The best part is that you are 100% in charge of it. You get to decide what it’s going to be, you get to reset it when you feel it start to slip, and you get to GIFT it to those you come into contact with. Afterall, energy is one of the most contagious things there is, so we want to make sure we are always spreading what we would want in return.


Your energy influences the people you meet. 

Your energy influences the quality of relationships you have. 

Your energy influences the level of trust you develop with someone.

Your energy influences the environment you are in. 

Your energy influences your ability to connect with others. 

Your energy influences way more than you know, and your energy ULTIMATELY influences your level of INFLUENCE. 


Therefore, be sure that you charge it, guard it, and use it for good.


If you want to grow your influence, start by owning your energy. 


With Joy (my current energy state)


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