The Truth About Boundaries

Last week we talked about the importance of boundaries, and it got me thinking about how we should really talk about this subject. The truth is, I wanted to write a whole lot more last week, but also didn’t want to overwhelm you. So let’s tackle this today.


I remember being asked once about boundaries and what mine were, and I was stumped because I had never really thought about it, and that made me realize that if I can just share what they are off the cuff, well then they are not true boundaries.


I want to remind you that boundaries are designed to protect you. If you struggle with overwhelm, burnout, feel emotionally exhausted, struggle with time management, and or are operating in a state of stress most days, it’s truly a result of failing to have boundaries. 


It is important to do this work as setting boundaries is essential in maintaining a sense of balance. They preserve our personal limits and protect us from the things that steal our joy, peace and happiness. They also let others know what is and is not acceptable, and honors our needs and wants so that we feel respected and safe. Like Brene Brown says, “Clear is kind, unclear is unkind” the more clarity we have the more focused we can be, the more clarity others have the better our relationships.


Knowing about boundaries is helpful, putting some into place is where the benefits come into play. 


Here are the 8 most common aspects of life that need boundaries. Your personal boundaries will be very different from mine and other individuals because they are based on our individual needs and wants. So when you take a look at these categories, think about what/who causes unnecessary stress in that category, what/who makes you feel worn out or exhausted, who or what makes time management difficult.


8 Areas Where Boundaries are needed: 

  • Physical boundaries 
  • Sexual Boundaries 
  • Emotional/Mental Boundaries
  • Spiritual Boundaries 
  • Financial/Material Boundaries 
  • Time Boundaries 
  • Non-Negotiable Boundaries
  • Social Media Boundaries 


What area of your life is in need of boundaries? What boundaries can you put into place to protect your energy and mindset? How will you communicate those boundaries? I encourage you to take some time to explore this topic and create boundaries for yourself that ensure this coming year is one that is full of joy, peace, happiness, as well as the energy and ability to do and accomplish all of your goals this year. 


With Love, 


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