The Words You Speak

Communication takes many forms. You shoot over a text, leave a quick voice memo, spend a few moments on the phone in conversation, make a remark, share a story, extend a compliment, write a note, or send a video message. No matter the way in which you use your words, you must always remember one thing. Your words have the ability to empower or disempower those around you, choose them wisely.


There is a book I highly recommend called “The Four Agreements”.  It is a fantastic read on 4 key principles to living a better life and it contains timeless lessons that will serve at a high level forever. One of the agreements is “be impeccable with your words” meaning that we must not just throw words around we must make sure that our words are carefully chosen and calculated so that we refrain from using words that cause hurt, pain, or long term damage. The author encourages us to use words that give life, uplift, and encourage. When you really start to think about it, we are pretty lazy when it comes to the words we choose to use and the things we say. Sometimes we speak poorly about people and directly to people, and sometimes even when the right intentions are there, the words we use have the ability to decimate someone. We have a tendency to be frivolous with our words, and well you know what they say “loose lips sink ships”. 


I think that now, more than ever in the world that we live in, in a world swirling in literal chaos, fear, and division we have to pay even more attention to the words we use, and how we use them. We have the power and the ability to choose our words, so why not choose words that speak life into people.


I am sure you can think back to your childhood and remember a time in which someone said something to you that was hurtful and actually shaped your childhood experience. Someone either upgraded your life with your words or degraded your life with their words. 


I am sure you can think about a time when you spoke life into someone and remember their reaction as well as how you felt doing so. As well as a time, your words were used to bring someone down, their reaction and how you felt. I am sure it is pretty safe to say that only one of those situations is one that you are proud of. 


Either way, the whole point of this today, is to remind you that your words matter. You have the absolute power to elevate or decimate someone with a single sentence. Choose to elevate. Choose to speak life and encouragement, and if for some reason you just can’t find it in yourself to do so– just say nothing at all.


With Love, 


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