Time for an UPDATE

I have something very serious to ask of you. I need you to promise me something. I need you to promise me that you will be more intentional about your growth. I want you to make upgrading your mind, and your emotional maturity a priority.


You are probably asking why, and well here is the predominant reason.  You are either growing or slowing, and well I don’t want you slowing in any area of your life. 


Just like you update your phone and computers with the latest software, you need to update your mind with new information, new skills, new knowledge, as this is what keeps you relevant, in the game and able to constantly add value to those around you. This matters because if you are not adding value then you are subtracting, and well who wants to be that?! 


If you do not actively choose to grow, then you actively choose to slow and regress. Even the thought of that makes me shudder, because we were never meant to shrink, and shrivel up. We are meant to grow, blossom, and give new life. We do this by staying IN growth. 


Just as equally important is to upgrade your emotional maturity. Just to make sure we are on the same page, understand that emotional maturity is the ability to manage your emotions no matter the circumstances. You can kind of get an idea as to where your emotional maturity is based on your general level of reactions to things. If you are easily angered, frustrated, or saddened, or offended for example your emotional maturity is probably in the lower aspect of the scale. If you think before you act, check yourself before you check others, pause and measure your response and words, and are rarely significantly impacted by your circumstances, then you are on the higher end of the scale. 


This matters because it improves the quality of your relationships with others and yourself. It helps you develop an acute understanding of others which will give you the ability to make better decisions about almost everything because of the level of information you take in. Lastly, it will just make you a better human. 


Here are a few simple ways you can do this without adding a whole lot of time. Read more, listen to more podcasts specific to growth or self development, engage in conversations with others on this path, share what you learn often, and pay attention to the subtle differences these things make in your life. 


Growth is the mission, change is the reward, and progress is the mission. 


It’s grow time, 


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