Time for an upgrade

If you are looking to upgrade your experiences, life, and overall well being there is just one simple thing you need to do and it’s probably not what you think. It has nothing to do with a new house, new car, new hair style, new clothing, knowing the latest trends or being on the up and up with celebrity or hometown gossip. It does, however, have everything to do with how you choose to think and perceive the world you live in.


It’s time to upgrade your life and the way we can do that is by upgrading your mindset. You see, the thing about mindset is that it has the ability to transform every thought, belief and action. When you transform your thoughts, you unleash incredible power. When you transform your beliefs you become incredibly empowered, and when you transform your actions that my friend is when real transformation and change takes place. 


Your mindset is very powerful as it has the ability to dictate how you perceive information.  Your mindset, if in a negative place, can make even the best moments, situations, and experiences negative. It serves as a massive block– keeping you from attracting great things and completely robs you of your ability to be grateful as you struggle to see the good in anything. It dampens your mood, makes your interactions with others unpleasant, and also depletes your energy, and forces you into a mental and emotional rut.


So how do you avoid this messy mindset issue? You create awareness around the topic as we are doing, and you actively work to manage your mindset and not let it manage you. How? It’s a lot easier than you think. 


First, you decide each day what your mindset is going to be. If you don’t proactively choose your mindset it will be chosen for you. That could happen based on an interaction with another person– if they are in a funk– chances are you will walk away from them in the same funk. It could result from an experience that is less than ideal, and before you know it the problem becomes yours and impacts your entire day. You see your mindset is easily influenced, and so you must not just decide what it’s going to be, but you must also work to protect it throughout the day. 


So when you set your schedule for the day, pack your snacks, choose your outfit, also take a moment to choose what your mindset will be. Three of my favorites are a mindset of abundance, gratitude, and service. Let me tell you they are like my “fairy mindset mothers” like those three fairies from Sleeping Beauty. Each one serves a different purpose and keeps my mind, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions in line and in alignment.


Abundance reminds me that there is no room for fear or doubt as there is enough to go around. It reminds me that good things are always coming, and reminds me of my deservingness and worthiness of living a good life. 


Gratitude keeps me in check. She is like the whip cracker! LOL. Gratitude helps me be patient and understanding. Gratitude reminds me that even in the suck, there is something good taking place, and it reminds me that there is someone greater than me at work in my life and enables me to trust more and worry less. 


Service reminds me that it’s not about me at all. Service reminds me that it’s about others. It enables me to put others before myself and keeps my motives, desires, and actions in check. It humbles my heart and enriches my soul. 


You see your mindset has the ability to empower you or disempower you, which in turns enables you to empower or disempower others.


I want to encourage you to be more mindful of your mindset. I want to encourage you to decide each day what your mindset will be and be quick to course correct when you feel it starting to slip.


Your mindset has the power to shape every single experience you have, and when you start to realize that you actually have more control over this than you think, well that is when the real upgrade takes place. 


In Service, 


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