Time to Edit

Name, we are approaching the end of summer and heading into a new season which is the perfect time to reevaluate where we are, and what we need to do to get where we want to go. Also, this is the last chance to get serious on those goals you put in place for yourself at the beginning of 2022. Regardless of how the year started, or how it’s gone, if you have stayed on track, or are miles from the wagon, the best news is you get to decide right now how you are going to finish it out.


I can’t believe I am about to talk about how many days we have left until the end of the year, and to avoid specifics because that can feel overwhelming (and also because I have yet to create a paper chain countdown) let’s just say around 130.


Let’s put 130 days into perspective. That is just enough time to make enough small decisions consistently over that time period to result in some big changes. Can you imagine starting the year better than you ended it? Can you imagine finally making that progress you are always thinking about? Can you imagine walking into the next season of your life right where you want to be, not where you hoped you would be?? 


Not only would it be incredibly empowering, but it would also serve as a pivotal turning point for you and set a new precedent for how you’ll move through the rest of your life.


It’s time that we focus more on editing our habits, than editing our photos, videos, and captions. Are you in? Okay… great!


So first let’s think about what 130 days of healthier habits can deliver?


130 days of …..


  • More water
  • Less sweets
  • More movement
  • More veggies
  • Less fast food
  • Less soda
  • More journaling
  • More meditation
  • Less netflix
  • More podcasts
  • Less late nights
  • More quality sleep 
  • More discipline
  • Less excuses 
  • More confidence
  • Less doubt 
  • More Faith
  • Less Fear


Imagine how things could potentially change for you by simply reviewing your current habits and making a few edits.


So first identify an area that you want to focus on for the next 130-ish days? Health? Fitness? Wellness? Sleep? Mindset? Energy? Faith? Biz? Side Hustle? Career? Relationships? 


Then identify 3-5 habits you want to edit to help make progress in those areas. If you really wanna make the habits stick– stack them with other things you do. For example, listen to a podcast while you fold laundry instead of a new netflix episode in the background, grab a book and spend 15 minutes in a chapter instead of grabbing your phone and scrolling. Find a way to make healthy swaps– like fries for salad, skipping the rice and beans, and making fruit your dessert. 


Here’s the bottom line– you are quick to edit the photo, the filter, the word choice in the caption, but you fail to review your life and habits with the same level of focus and care. Let’s change that. After all the photos and captions are just short term snapshots of your life, your habits well they create the long term version of who you are.


What edits do we need to make? Put a list together and let’s put into action. 


Happy Editing,


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