Live a Victorious Life

Don’t be afraid of failure, be afraid of living the same year over and over.


Each day you get is a gift. Don’t let the gift of each day be in vain because you are afraid of failing, let it be in victory because you are willing to try.


The biggest mistake people make is the mistake of thinking that they actually have time. Time to accomplish the things, time to reach the goals, time to become the person, time to spend with others.


The result? We neglect to be intentional with the time we have, and as its sneaky little self does it slips away, and before you know it another year is upon you, and you didn’t really accomplish much, didn’t really grow much, didn’t really evolve much, didn’t really learn much, and didn’t really move the needle much. This last year looks just like the ones before it. If you do the math– then you realize that the compounding nature of a year without progress is many years without progress is a life without progress, and well I hate to break it to you– but that is not what GOD intended when we chose to bring your life into the world. He gave it a purpose, a dream, a passion, a fire that ONLY YOU could deliver to the world for a very specific reason–and right now the world is depending on your dream, your unique insight, your voice, your ideas, your purpose to come to life to pave the way for others.


I know this sounds a little grandiose, but I mean… really think about it for a second.


You fail to show up because you are scared. You fail to take action because you are worried about what others will think. You fail to try something new because you don’t want to fail. You fail to get back up because you question your worth and abilities


When you fail to show up, take action, try something new, get back up, or simply just go for it— you don’t just rob yourself of progress and potential– you rob the world of what could have been. You are no small entity in this world– YOU play a major role– and we are counting on you! You are the catalyst for change and for good you just have to believe it and show up like it.




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