Wanna join my LOSER Club?

I am sure you are already wondering what I am up to just by that subject line. I mean it got you to click right? Competing against those Bath and Body Works emails is work! LOL — all jokes aside I am super excited about this new club. 


One of the most amazing books I ever read was Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn by John Maxwell (there is also a teen version which is amazing btw). It helps you truly understand that failure is a part of success, and with the right perspective teaches you how you can never really lose because you are either winning or learning, and eventually getting better. It doesn’t prevent the fear of failure, but it certainly softens the blow, and in all honesty it will just make you a better human. **hurriedly opens amazon app, and orders book**


So this club I am starting is only for those who are serious about becoming the best versions of themselves, those who are committed to living an inspired life, and those who desire to add value, serve, and leave a legacy. The only requirements are that you give your best to all you do, succeed with humility, and embrace every failure. In fact in our club we will recognize success and failure equally. We will discuss what we learn, how we can use that information, and how that information can be useful to others. Our motto will be “failure is evidence that effort is present”. If what John Maxwell writes is true, and we know it is, then we never really lose at all because failure is an opportunity to learn and to grow, and there is nothing lost in that. 


Sounds pretty good right? Does it make you wanna just go out there and fail your face off like it does me???!!! I hope so! It’s kind of empowering to flip the script on failure. To see it as a positive vs. a negative. To create a new understanding that failure is required. What if the entire world embraced that philosophy? “Failure Required”– we would have more genius pour out of classrooms, more innovations impact society, and more people involved in shaping the world in a positive way for future generations. It would be super rad. We as a people would simply be better. 


So are you in? Ready to join the Loser Club and change the world? Let’s go! 


Always remember, you didn’t lose, it’s the lessons delivered by failure that equip you for greatness. 


President of the Lose Club, 




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