Warrior Mindset

Before I jump into my thoughts today, I want to take a moment and tell you that I am so grateful that you are a part of this inspiring community! When I began this email series a year and a half ago, my goal was to reach more people, and provide insight and perspective that encouraged you to think critically about the life you are currently living, and how you can transform in the moment to make life more meaningful. My goal was to equip you with the thoughts and actions that would enable you to move the needle in your life and make actual progress. If this is what you have been experiencing since subscribing, I would love for you to let me know. Each week I sit at my computer excited to connect with you and help you live a more inspired life. So, again, thank you for being here with me week after week. It is so much more fun to do life with you!


Now, let’s take a moment and talk about why a warrior mindset matters.


 I think, and I am almost positive, that what I am about to say can be validated by science (but we won’t get into that) but our brains are hardwired to protect us, so it seems only natural that we default to a “worrier” state of mind. We worry about the world around us, our kids as they exit the car onto campus, our loved ones far away, and whether or not we actually turned the oven off before we left the house. We have a tendency to worry about pretty much everything. This happens as we begin to attach negative/anxious energy to an imagined outcome. 


Worry is intended to help protect us from our fear, and yet what it actually does is cause us to dwell and waste emotional and mental energy. They say that 90% of what we worry about never happens anyway. This statistic just validates the point that worry doesn’t SERVE us, it SEVERES us from our ability to have the required presence in life necessary for gratitude and ultimately joy to take root.


Worry is never worth what it costs. 


So what if you were able to work against that default thinking and activate a WARRIOR mindset instead of a WORRIER mindset? How would your life change?  How would your perspective change? How much more productive could you become?  


By now, I am sure that you are probably asking yourself  what that looks like, so let me share with you some simple ways to overcome worry, and develop your inner warrior. 


Calm Down:

  • When worry takes over, quiet your mind, and ask yourself what is true about the situation and what is imagined. This will relax your nerves and provide clarity and a sense of relief. 


Pay Attention:

  • What are you feeling and why are you feeling it? Being aware of your physio-emotional state creates an opportunity to dissect and then reflect what belief is actually causing the worry, and then you can go to work to dissolve it. 


Go With the Flow: 

  • Be ready to embrace uncertainty. Most things that occur are outside of our control, and so if we adopt a “go with the flow” mentality, and an “it is what it is” mindset it is a lot easier to embrace uncertainty because we understand that things happen as they are supposed to. It is only when we fight the flow, the worry starts to grow. 


Focus on the NOW: 

  • Worry by definition is about the future, so training your attention on the present with an open and accepting attitude will naturally dilute and destroy worrying and the negative energy impact it presents.


Lean In:

  • Like I mentioned above, worry is intended to protect us from our fears, yet it can lead to dwelling on things that aren’t going to happen anyway. Instead, let’s lean in and face our fears. 90% of the fear goes away when we take the first step. We often worry about what is going to happen, and that paralyzes us from making anything happen, and so if we LEAN into the fear– we take the action that is required to diminish the worry associated with it.


Know this, it takes practice to develop a WARRIOR mindset over a WORRIER mindset, but I know that you can do it, and the payoff will be HUGE!!! 


Who is ready to be more of a WARRIOR than a WORRIER!!?? 


The last thing I want to leave you with is this…. Matthew 6:34


Let’s GO!!! 


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