We are officially one week into the New Year

and I know what you are probably thinking– CRAP– and before you get all crazy in your head with defeating self-talk, here is what I want you to remember, you are always going to have to start somewhere. So, we might as well start today, right now, at this moment. What you haven’t done doesn’t matter, it’s all about what we do from here on out– and if you are the kind of person who is celebrating day 8 of progress, well then– kudos to you and your commitment thus far, I am totally cheering for you! 


The best way to get yourself moving is to visualize where you are going, and what it will be like when you actually do the things you said you were going to do– including how you will feel on the other side of committing to yourself and your goal. So for the sake of the example let’s choose an area of life we want to improve, kind of like what we talked about last week. So for example if you are wanting to be healthier overall, then I want you to identify THREE HABITS you can incorporate into your day that are simply healthier choices. Let’s call them, drink more water, exercise, and more veggies during meal time. Now imagine the benefits of drinking more water daily after a whole year, what you would feel like. You would probably have clearer skin, more energy, and better digestion. Now imagine the benefits and how you would feel if you exercised daily even if it was just 20-30 minutes of walking around your neighborhood daily. You would feel better, increase your stamina, sleep better, experience less stress, and probably change your body composition for the better. Now imagine if you ate more veggies daily throughout the year. Chances are you would have more energy, better digestion, feel better overall, and chances are you would eat less junk because you would be more satisfied fueling your body with quality nutrition versus processed junk and because of that it’s safe to say that your body composition would also improve. You would feel the difference it would make, and you would be so proud of following through on the commitment you made to stick to these healthier habits which resulted in a healthier you. 


Remember we can never be upset about the results we didn’t get from the work we didn’t do. Yes, sticking to your habits and goals is work. Each and every day you are going to have to choose to do the right thing even when you are tired, hangry, and just wanting to destroy a package of Oreos. It is work to stay committed which is why most people don’t. Giving in and giving up, and spending another year without progress is familiar – it is why it is so easy to go back to it again and again. 


But not this year. 




This year is going to be different! Now, take whatever goal it is that you have. Write down all the things you would feel if you followed through and accomplished it. Seriously, take a moment and finish this sentence, at the end of 2023 if I __________ I would feel _____________________. Now finish the next sentence, because I ________________ my life changed in the following ways: ___________________. 


Now take a step back and re-read that. Kind of amazing right? Would you like to feel that way?  Would you like to see your life change in those ways? Would you feel like you made progress? Would you be inspired and empowered? If you answered YES to those questions, then we have just brought another level of urgency to the importance of actually taking action on our goals!

So, identify a goal in one area of your life, or a few goals in different areas of your life and identify 3 key habits that you can do daily that will enable you to make PROGRESS toward that goal. Write down how you would feel and how your life would change for the better if you reached that goal. Visualize the benefits before you get started to create an emotional level of accountability. 


As you go, I want you to remember one VERY VERY important thing. Do not focus on the outcome, focus on the actions. If you focus on the actions aka habits and are consistent with those the results will appear. Often times I see too many people get results focused, and when they don’t see results in a time frame they expect, well then they give up and quit and really fail to make any progress at all. Rather, focus on the habits and the actions and if you do that enough not only will you make progress, but you will be so much more satisfied by the process and where it takes you! 


So, set a goal and identify your 3 KEY habits, and shoot me a reply I would love to know what they are!  


Happy New Year, 


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